Water Retention Remedies

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Water retention can be a common problem, especially for women. Some women can gain from 2 to 8 pounds just in water retention at different times during their hormonal cycles. Water retention symptoms include swelling of the legs, abdomen, face, hands and overall body.

What causes water retention? The causes of water retention include hormonal changes, such as estrogen in excess of progesterone, dehydration or too much water, kidney deficiencies, lung and heart disease, pharmaceutical drugs, low protein diet, excessive salt intake, pregnancy, toxicity, lack of exercise and stress.

Thankfully there are a number of natural water retention remedies. It is important to have your health evaluated by a qualified practitioner, such as a medical practioner and a naturopathic doctor to determine that there is not a serious underlying disease. The following are some natural water retention remedies that may help to eliminate unwanted excess water weight that may be weighing you down.

1. Drink sufficient, but not too much water. Drink about 1 L per day of good quality water, that is preferable alkaline. (for more info on alkalinity read my book The Healthy Millionaire.) If you exercise heavily, you may need more water than this, but beware, if you drink too much, it can cause water retention.

2. Balance your hormones. For women, too much estrogen as compared to progesterone levels, can be a cause for bloating and weight gain. VitaWomen’s Formula from VitaTree Nutritionals, helps to balance estrogen levels naturally, with no synthetic hormones and protects from harmful estrogens in the environment. For more info visit www.vitatree.com.

3. Exercise- Exercise helps to move the lymph and toxins in the body. It is also a great idea to detoxify the body, at least 4 times per year, at the change of each season. See my Detox formula called VitaDetox, at www.vitatree.com. VitaDetox contains some gentle diuretics that help to rid the body of excess fluids and water retention.

4. Ensure that you eat sufficient protein everyday. Protein helps to keep water in the cells and prevents it from leaking outside the cells causing swelling and edema. Good sources of proteins include eggs, chicken, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. There are also some good vegetarian protein powders available on the market that help to supplement protein if you may be deficient.

In conclusion, no matter what causes water retention in your case, try to get to the bottom of it and treat it naturally.

Natural Treatments for Adult ADHD and Children’s ADHD

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Treating adult ADHD and children’s ADHD from a natural standpoint is virtually the same. ADHD is a condition that is often related to digestive issues and lack of some specific nutrients. The good news is that ADHD can be treated naturally with some simple dietary and nutritional changes.

Whether it is adult ADHD, or children’s ADHD, I always recommend starting to look at the diet first and foremost. The diet can often determine the severity of the symptoms of ADHD in both children and adults. The following is a list of foods and additives that should be avoided at all costs by people suffering with ADHD:

1. Sugar excess: Yes, we all need a little sugar in our diets, but excess sugar, especially refined white sugar is a culprit for causing changes in the mental-emotional sphere of health. Too much sugar can cause spikes in insulin that decrease the proper functioning of the brain. High insulin levels followed by a crash in blood sugar is also related to the hyperactivity component of ADHD. Also, sugar intake is closely related to yeast overgrowth, or candida. Candida is a very common problem in patients that I have treated with ADHD. The yeast overgrowth and candida organisms give off toxins that affect the brain’s ability to think clearly and cohesively. The best natural treatment for candida is high potency probiotics that are made for the human digestive tract and contain HMF. VitaTree Probiotics are high potency, live friendly flora and contain the important effective strain of friendly flora called HMF.
For more info watch this video on VitaTree Probiotics.

VitaTree Probiotics for ADHD

2. Food dyes and coloring: Artificial food coloring is another causative agent in the manifestation of symptoms of ADHD. Food dyes are synthetic chemicals that negatively alter the normal brain function of children and adults with ADHD. Avoid colored candies, juices, drinks, and chips that contain food dyes.

3. MSG or monosodium glutamate: This food flavour enhancer is toxic and affects both adults and children with ADHD. MSG is found in chips, soups, and a number of packaged foods and should be avoided completely by everyone.

Another thing to consider in both children and adults with ADHD is the very important brain chemical DHA. DHA is a naturally occurring essential fatty acid or omega 3 fat that is found in cold water fish. Most of us do not consume enough fish, and DHA. I don’t even recommend that people eat fish anymore because our waterways and hence the fish have become very toxic with PCB’s, dioxins and heavy metals such as mercury. DHA can be supplemented in high doses in high quality fish oil supplements and this is the best way to get preformed DHA. The best fish oil is VitaFish Oil from VitaTree Nutritionals, high in DHA, non-toxic and great for children and adults because it tastes like orange candy! No fishy taste or aftertaste. For more info visit www.vitatree.com.

Fat Blaster from VitaTree

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It’s almost summer time and both men and women are on the search for the best fat burner on the market. What most people don’t realize is that stored fat, especially stubborn fat that is hard to lose, no matter how much you exercise or diet, has more to do with stored toxins and metabolism problems than anything else. The Fat Blaster combination from VitaTree Nutritionals was formulated to address stubborn fat that is difficult to lose and especially belly fat. The Fat Blaster from VitaTree is a whole food formula that is completely natural and safe, and effective because it targets the 4 reasons why people may be fat and have not had success losing weight before.

1. Toxins- Toxins build up in the internal organs and fat cells. We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, most of which we cannot see, taste, smell or feel. These hidden toxins are in our foods, water, air and homes. The stored toxins are held in FAT CELLS as a protective mechanism to keep them diluted and away from our internal organs where they do more damage. Therefore, eliminate the toxins and you eliminate the reason for excess body fat to be there in the first place! VitaDetox as part of our Fat Blaster combo helps eliminate the toxins from all the internal organs plus the fat cells in a gentle and effective way.

2. Hormones- Hormonal imbalance causes a cascade of events that can make the weight loss process very difficult. Female hormones, estrogen and progesterone need to be in perfect balance to ensure the metabolic processes of the body are running optimally. Testosterone, the male hormone, also found in women, is the natural fat burner and ramps up the metabolism. This is one of the reasons men tend to have a faster metabolism than women. The VitaTree Fat Burner has ingredients Maca and Ginseng that help balance the female and male hormones, and helps at this level to burn unwanted stubborn fat, especially belly fat.

3. Cortisol- Stress causes our cortisol levels to become out of balance. Cortisol, our stress hormone, works alongside insulin to regulate our fat storage. In times of stress, the body holds on to excess weight and fat as a survival mechanism. Unfortunately, most of us are under stress on a daily basis and our cortisol levels never really get a chance to rest. This stresses our pancreas and causes our insulin to be more sensitive, thus causing carbohydrate cravings and hunger in general. The more hungry we are, the more we eat, and this leads to weight gain. VitaTree Fat Burner includes Green Tea which helps balance insulin levels, plus Maca and Ginseng that both work as adaptogens that help the body regulate cortisol levels by reacting more effectively to stress.

4. Metabolism- Slowed metabolism can be due to hormonal concerns, lack of exercise and undereating!
VitaTree Fat Blasting Combo helps to speed up metabolism in two ways. 1) It helps speed up the metabolic rate with Green Tea in the Fat Burner, even without exercise! 2) It helps decrease the toxic burden on the internal organs with the VitaDetox, thus improving digestion and metabolism.

All in all, VitaTree Fat Blaster is considered the best fat burner because it is formulated to overcome the often overlooked causes of weight gain. VitaTree is a whole food vitamins company and nowhere else in the world will you find superior formulations, without added fillers or synthetic nutrients. For more info visit www.vitatree.com and be sure to sign up for the free newsletter where you will be privy to updated health information, discount supplements from VitaTree and access to the Formulator, Dr. Janine Bowring who will answer your questions at any time!

Infertility Blog – Natural Solutions

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Both men and women who are having difficulties with infertility are looking for natural solutions. Naturopathic care and whole food supplements are a proven method to either work alone, or alongside conventional medical approaches to treating infertility. I’ve chosen to write this infertility blog to help educate couples about the efficacy of detoxifying the body preconception, and also giving the mom and dad the proper nutrients before conception to increase their chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Cleansing and detoxification are a must before conception to increase the chances of becoming pregnant, but more importantly, to increase the health of the coming baby. Toxins can be stored in both partners for years and have a negative effect on the health of the egg and sperm. DNA changes occur in the presence of toxins and need to be eliminated before conception. When the mom is pregnant, the baby acts as a sponge and takes all the toxins to be processed through its brand new liver, kidneys and digestive tract.

I usually encourage patients to detoxify for at least 3 months, both partners, prior to conception if possible. The product I use with great success is my own formulation, VitaDetox. The revolutionary product helps detoxify the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, digestive tract, lymphatic system and blood. The dosage is 2 capsules, twice per day, on an empty stomach.

Acupuncture for fertility is very helpful at balancing the CHI, or energy in the body. It helps to allow for healthy conception and pregnancy and minimizes the chances of miscarriage. Acupuncture for the mom to be helps to balance the hormones and relaxes the nervous system.

Whole Food Vitamins
Vitamin and mineral status of parents to be is very important when trying to conceive. I have found nutritional deficiencies in a large number of patients who have difficulty with infertility. I always recommend whole food vitamins to correct the deficiency. Whole food vitamins like VitaFruits and VitaVeggies are made directly from nature’s best nutrients, without any synthetic vitamins or minerals as most other supplements on the market contain. Whole food vitamins are important for fertility to supply the anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals needed from a whole food source.

For more info on whole food vitamins, visit vitatree.com

Home Remedies to Detoxify the Liver

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Squeezing fresh lemon in water and drinking it throughout the day is a great way to detoxify the liver. Lemons contain d-limonene, and mormolin, which are compounds that induce Phase 2 detoxification in the liver, especially glucuronidation and glutathione conjugation. Use 1/4 to 1/2 a lemon in 8 oz. of water.

For more home remedies for healthy detoxification of all the internal organs get my book, The Healthy Millionaire. Available on amazon.com or at www.vitatree.ca.

3 Tips to Burn Off Belly Fat!

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Belly fat can be one of the most stubborn areas for fat accumulation on the body and the hardest to get rid of. Follow these 3 tips to reduce your belly fat once and for all.

1. Reduce your stress. High cortisol levels due to stress increase belly fat. If you have difficulty reducing stress on your own, you can try natural remedies like VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula to help naturally reduce your cortisol levels.

2. Detox! Toxins that accumulate in the internal organs can lead to the accumulation of belly fat, and fat around the internal organs. Detoxification of all the internal organs at once is possible with VitaDetox.

3. Watch your carbohydrate intake. Eating too much sugar and sweets can spike insulin levels and add to the fat around your midsection. Choose balanced meals with proteins, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates that contain fiber to keep insulin levels balanced.

For more information visit www.tryvitatree.com.

Big Beer Belly? Natural Cures

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Natural Cures for Beer Gut

Natural Cures for Beer Gut

If you, or someone you love is suffering with a big beer belly or gut, you need to read this information and make changes immediately. A large, chronically distended abdomen is very common, yet not normal. It is a tell-tale sign and symptom of dysbiosis in the gut. Dysbiosis is an imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria in the small and large intestine. This happens over time from eating foods that perpetuate these bad bacteria and yeasts in the intestines, one of the main culprits is beer! This is because, beer and other alcoholic beverages are high in sugar, yeast and are fermented. A triple whammy for encouraging the growth of the bad organisms, especially candida and yeast.

This causes gas, bloating and the chronic distended abdomen. The cure?- modifying the diet to limit sweet, starchy, fermented and yeasty foods, plus the addition of probiotics, or good microorganisms to fix the imbalance between harmful bacteria, yeast and candida and to create a more healthy gut function and immune system.

Probiotics must be human compatible organisms, with high potency.

For more information about VitaTree Probiotics visit www.tryvitatree.com

Another helpful protocol for a large belly is detoxification. VitaDetox helps cleanse all the internal organs, including the digestive tract in a gentle, yet effective manner. It is an easy to swallow, vegetarian capsule. You need not change your diet when doing the VitaDetox, however, if you choose to, VitaTree will give you a list of foods to avoid or limit during the cleanse. This is totally your choice, but can have a quicker impact on weight loss if you do avoid these foods. For more info visit www.tryvitatree.com.

Toxic Heavy Metals in Toys Recalled

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High levels of Barium, a toxic heavy metal were found in a number of tricycles, wagons and wheelbarrows for children sold by John Deere and Case. Health Canada has recalled these items, manufactured in China and coated with barium. The toys were sold in Canada between September 2010 and January 2012.

Barium is toxic to humans and can cause symptoms of nausea, vomitting, muscle weakness, changes in nervous system function and heart abnormalities.

If you think your child has been exposed, there are natural ways to detoxify heavy metals from the body. I created the supplement VitaDetox to help with the heavy metal burden that so many North Americans face due to our toxic environment.

For more info on VitaDetox, visit www.tryvitatree.com.
For a full list of toys affected, see the link here http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Health/20120118/toy-wagons-wheelbarrow-recall-barium-120118/

Toxicity- A Cause of Disease

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Most diseases are caused by toxicity, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. When toxins are not effectively removed and excreted from the body, they linger and can disrupt the chemistry of the internal environment of the cells. For example, if you get a splinter in your hand and do not remove it promptly, the body will attempt to drive it out. The area around the splinter will become inflamed and the immune system will be activated because an invader has entered the system. White blood cells will act to clear up the debris caused by the splinter. In time, pus will form and the splinter will come out as an eruption, or will dissolve altogether. The skin will heal as if nothing ever happened. However, if the immune system is weak, the normal processes described above may not happen effectively. This may lead to a more serious infection, involving the lymph nodes and causing more disruption of the entire organism. If this is true for a tiny splinter, think how our bodies may not be up to the challenge when under prolonged stress. Stress depletes our immune systems and when faced with more serious toxins, our bodies are not always able to clear them out, leading to disease.

When you experience symptoms of any kind in your body, it is an indication that something has gone wrong. I call symptoms red flags that indicate a disruption in the normal functioning of the body, mind or spirit. Unfortunately, we often overlook or ignore symptoms for a long time before we have them checked out by a doctor. Many of us have a fear of developing a disease that keeps us in denial about our symptoms. Others are just so out of touch with their bodies that they literally need to be knocked over the head or in a car accident to force them to take a look at their health. The other extreme includes those who are hypochondriacal and regard every twinge or pain in their bodies as a disease of some sort. To what I am referring as a real symptom is something that occurs frequently and repeats in quality of discomfort or peculiarity. For instance, a twinge of pain felt once in the right temple, for 2 seconds, that is not due to a blow in the head or another cause would not be a symptom. But a recurring headache over the right temple that happens when someone is hungry and hasn’t eaten for 4 hours would be a symptom.

A naturopathic doctor regards symptoms differently than other medical professionals. A naturopath gives weight to all symptoms, no matter how remote or unrelated they may seem. Naturopaths who practise homeopathy, ask weird and wonderful questions of their patients, ranging from ‘what position do you sleep in?’ to ‘what are your fears or phobias?’ All symptoms in homeopathy form a picture. The goal of the homeopathic prescriber is to match the patient’s symptoms as closely as possible to that of the remedies.

“Dis-ease” means a lack of ease in the body. We should avoid labelling and judging people based on the disease with which they have been diagnosed. It is so easy even for patients to label themselves that they are “a cancer patient” or “an arthritis sufferer.”

However, allopathic medical classifications of disease are necessary to group similar toxicity patterns in individuals in order to treat them with the correct drugs or protocols. Naturopathic medicine differs somewhat from this in that naturopathic doctors treat patients as individuals with a variety of symptoms of toxicity, rather than just people with diseases. I can have ten patients who have all been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, yet their symptoms, manifestation of the toxicity and my treatment protocol will differ for each woman.

In practice, I have noted patterns of personality traits that match other patients with the same disease process. There are always some exceptions but for the most part the mental picture of some types of diseases are strikingly similar. For example, I notice a pattern in all cancer patients that somewhere in their psyche, they believe that they should take care of others before they take care of themselves. Cancer patients often have many fears and actually fear cancer long before they develop it.

Only thirty percent of disease manifestation is genetic. This means that there must be seventy percent of other factors that lend to either developing a disease or not. Most of this seventy percent relates to diet, lifestyle, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Many diseases are passed down the family tree because the family mind-set or emotional baggage is also passed down as well as dietary and lifestyle habits. The best thing you can do for yourself and your health is to be the black sheep in the family. This means eating differently and living a more healthful lifestyle with less exposure to toxins. Most importantly, it is essential to your health to let go of the emotional patterns that repeat in your family. If you think like your parents do, it is quite likely you will develop the same problems they did. I also believe that you are more likely to manifest a disease if you know it well enough and have learned all about its symptoms from seeing its effects on a loved one. It’s as if the disease or ailment leaves an imprint in your being or energy field that can be manifested at any time.

Detoxification is a natural approach to both treating and preventing disease. Whole food supplements like VitaDetox from VitaTree Nutritionals is a comprehensive detox formula that helps to cleanse all of the internal organs. For more info on detoxification of body mind and spirit read my book, The Healthy Millionaire.

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Natural Cures for Adult Acne

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Adult acne is a big problem, especially for women in their 30’s and 40’s. This is a condition of hormonal imbalance and toxicity in the internal organs. I have seen women in my practise that didn’t even have acne as a teenager, then they surprisingly develop it in their adult life.

I can usually pinpoint the source of the problematic acne, either being a hormonal imbalance, and/or a build up of toxins in the liver, bowel and kidneys. If the acne breaks out on the chin, this is directly mapped to the large intestine and hormones.

The best way to eliminate this problem is through dietary changes, detoxification and hormonal balance. For the diet, I usually recommend eliminating dairy and sugar products. They tend to allow the bad bacteria to flourish. For detoxification, I use VitaDetox, which cleanses all the internal organs in one easy to take capsule, that is vegetarian. It is a gentle, yet very effective cleanser that even detoxifies the skin! For hormonal balancing, I use VitaWomen’s formula. This works specifically in every woman’s body differently, to find the hormonal balance of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol.

For more info visit www.tryvitatree.com.