Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections

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Recurrent yeast infections are a big problem for many women. The conventional methods for treating yeast infections are often very superficial and do not cure the underlying problems. There are often dietary concerns and hygienic reasons why most women have recurrent yeast infections. The good news is that it is easy to treat naturally once one understands why it happens in the first place.

So what causes yeast infections? As a naturopathic doctor, I am often asked by my patients what causes yeast infections? The truth is, there are a number of dietary and hygienic causes for chronic yeast infections. The following are the most common culprits.

1. Diet- Too many sugars and fermented foods. Sugar feeds yeast or candida and causes it to multiply. If you are addicted to carbohydrates and sugars, like so many women are with chronic yeast infection, you need to cut out the sweets and fermented foods like alcohol and vinegar for a period of time, until the candida clears up. I usually find that when I treat patients with chronic candida, there is not usually a need for a difficulty candida diet that restricts all carbs including fruits. Given the right supplements, like VitaTree high powered Probiotics, this is often strong enough to starve off the candida organisms, with minor changes to the diet and a strict candida diet is not necessary.

2. Anti-biotics- Women and children who take anti-biotics frequently, (more than once every 5 years), are setting themselves up for chronic yeast problems and yeast infections in women. The reason for this is that anti-biotics wipe out all the good probiotics, or good bacteria in the digestive tract and bloodstream. This becomes a perfect breeding ground then for the candida albicans to flourish. Conventional anti-biotics should only be taken in desperate measures. There are a number of natural anti-biotics that work quite well at killing most organisms, like oregano oil, tea tree oil, berberis etc. that do not have the typical antibiotic side effects.

3. Hygiene- tight fitting clothes and underwear can create a breeding ground for yeast and candida albicans. It’s best to wear cotton underwear that are washed in very hot water and placed in the dryer to kill the yeast and to prevent re-infection. Thong underwear are not recommended. Some doctors recommend ironing your underwear to kill any remaining live yeast to prevent recurring yeast infections. I always recommend also avoiding wearing underwear to bed, as this area should be able to breathe at night while you sleep.

All in all, it is quite simple to treat and prevent reoccuring yeast infections naturally with these tips. Be sure to always supplement with a high potency, human microflora probiotic like VitaTree Probiotics. Another often overlooked link to chronic yeast infections is heavy metal toxicity. You can read more about this in my book The Healthy Millionaire. To quench heavy metals and detoxify them from the body safely and efficiently, see VitaDetox from VitaTree Nutritionals at

Natural Treatments for Adult ADHD and Children’s ADHD

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Treating adult ADHD and children’s ADHD from a natural standpoint is virtually the same. ADHD is a condition that is often related to digestive issues and lack of some specific nutrients. The good news is that ADHD can be treated naturally with some simple dietary and nutritional changes.

Whether it is adult ADHD, or children’s ADHD, I always recommend starting to look at the diet first and foremost. The diet can often determine the severity of the symptoms of ADHD in both children and adults. The following is a list of foods and additives that should be avoided at all costs by people suffering with ADHD:

1. Sugar excess: Yes, we all need a little sugar in our diets, but excess sugar, especially refined white sugar is a culprit for causing changes in the mental-emotional sphere of health. Too much sugar can cause spikes in insulin that decrease the proper functioning of the brain. High insulin levels followed by a crash in blood sugar is also related to the hyperactivity component of ADHD. Also, sugar intake is closely related to yeast overgrowth, or candida. Candida is a very common problem in patients that I have treated with ADHD. The yeast overgrowth and candida organisms give off toxins that affect the brain’s ability to think clearly and cohesively. The best natural treatment for candida is high potency probiotics that are made for the human digestive tract and contain HMF. VitaTree Probiotics are high potency, live friendly flora and contain the important effective strain of friendly flora called HMF.
For more info watch this video on VitaTree Probiotics.

VitaTree Probiotics for ADHD

2. Food dyes and coloring: Artificial food coloring is another causative agent in the manifestation of symptoms of ADHD. Food dyes are synthetic chemicals that negatively alter the normal brain function of children and adults with ADHD. Avoid colored candies, juices, drinks, and chips that contain food dyes.

3. MSG or monosodium glutamate: This food flavour enhancer is toxic and affects both adults and children with ADHD. MSG is found in chips, soups, and a number of packaged foods and should be avoided completely by everyone.

Another thing to consider in both children and adults with ADHD is the very important brain chemical DHA. DHA is a naturally occurring essential fatty acid or omega 3 fat that is found in cold water fish. Most of us do not consume enough fish, and DHA. I don’t even recommend that people eat fish anymore because our waterways and hence the fish have become very toxic with PCB’s, dioxins and heavy metals such as mercury. DHA can be supplemented in high doses in high quality fish oil supplements and this is the best way to get preformed DHA. The best fish oil is VitaFish Oil from VitaTree Nutritionals, high in DHA, non-toxic and great for children and adults because it tastes like orange candy! No fishy taste or aftertaste. For more info visit

VitaTree Probiotics for Constipation

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VitaTree Probiotics are the most natural, efficient and non irritating way to treat constipation. We have close to 400 or more species of bacteria in our digestive tracts. Some of these organisms are healthy for us, the friendly flora, or probiotics. Others are not. The bad bacteria, viruses and yeast or candida can be a real threat to our digestive function and more importantly, the immune system. It is important to always have sufficient good friendly flora, or probiotics, that are made for the human digestive tract. VitaTree Probiotics is very different because it is made for human digestion, with human microflora. Most other bacteria are made from cow bacteria.

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Probiotics for Yeast and Bladder Infections

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Probiotics, or good bacteria are a natural and safe way to treat yeast and bladder infections. Often a lack of good bacteria causes a imbalance in the flora of the vaginal tract. This imbalance can harbour plenty of bad bacteria and yeast, leading to chronic yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTI’s). The natural solution is supplementing orally, a human microflora, like VitaTree Nutritionals Probiotics, daily. This can be a treatment, but also a preventative measure. Take 2 capsules per day as a prevention, and up to 4 capsules per day, with food, during and infection. You can also insert the capsules vaginally for a more local effect. Insert 2 capsules at bedtime.

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Human Probiotics the Best

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Probiotics are a buzzword these days in the news and on television programs. Probiotics are good bacteria that naturally inhabit the gut. They are essential to our being and over 400 different species of probiotics live within our digestive tracts. Probiotics can be found in yogurt and in probiotic supplements. What most people do not realize is that the probiotics found in most yogurts and supplements are not humanly derived microflora. Often these bacteria are from soil organisms and cow bacteria. It really only makes sense to colonize a human digestive tract with human microflora. Probiotics are helpful if you suffer from chronic sinus infections, yeast infections, candida and allergies. For more information visit