Ulcerative Colitis – Natural Treatments

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natural treatments for ulcerative colitis

natural treatments for ulcerative colitis

What is Ulcerative Colitis?
Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel condition that causes irritation in the large intestine, mostly in the last part of the large intestine or colon, and rectum. This chronic condition is aggravated by stress and can cause severe symptoms such as pain, diarrhea and bleeding.
Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms
Ulcerative colitis symptoms can vary between individuals. The most common symptoms are diarrhea and abdominal pain and bloating. The following is a list of symptoms associated with UC.
• Pain in the abdomen and cramping
• Diarrhea
• Blood in the stools
• Bloating and gas
• Inability to absorb and digest nutrients from food
• Weight loss
• Painful and inflamed joints
• Skin rashes
• Fatigue
Ulcerative Colitis Treatments
Thankfully we can treat Ulcerative colitis with much success naturally. The following is a list of natural treatments for UC.
1. Omega 3 fatty acids – high quality fish oil supplements are natural anti-inflammatories and help decrease inflammation in the digestive tract and rest of the body. The oils also act as natural lubricants for the stool, thereby minimizing irritation along the colon walls. To learn more about the best fish oil supplement, click here.
2. Probiotics- individuals with UC have been found to be deficient in probiotics, or friendly flora. High potency probiotics like VitaTree Probiotics are necessary to re-colonize the small and large intestine in individuals with UC. For more info on the benefits of probiotics click here.
3. Diet- People with UC or other inflammatory bowel conditions need to alter their diets to minimize the culprits that cause inflammation. I recommend minimizing red meats, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and dairy products. Coffee can also be too harsh for chronic and acute inflammatory bowel diseases and should be avoided.
4. Stress reduction- I’ve not yet met a person with UC who didn’t have serious stress issues and an imbalanced approach to relieving stress and anxiety. I find these individuals “swallow” their emotions and have difficulty speaking up for themselves. Stress reduction is essential as well as learning techniques to express themselves appropriately. Natural stress formulas are available. Supplements for people with UC should always be whole food supplements, as conventional synthetic vitamins and minerals can be very harsh on the digestive tract. For more info on whole food supplements for stress and sleep, click here.
5. Marshmallow tea – this can be purchased at the health food store and drink 1 cup, three times a day, on an empty stomach.

Big Beer Belly? Natural Cures

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Natural Cures for Beer Gut

Natural Cures for Beer Gut

If you, or someone you love is suffering with a big beer belly or gut, you need to read this information and make changes immediately. A large, chronically distended abdomen is very common, yet not normal. It is a tell-tale sign and symptom of dysbiosis in the gut. Dysbiosis is an imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria in the small and large intestine. This happens over time from eating foods that perpetuate these bad bacteria and yeasts in the intestines, one of the main culprits is beer! This is because, beer and other alcoholic beverages are high in sugar, yeast and are fermented. A triple whammy for encouraging the growth of the bad organisms, especially candida and yeast.

This causes gas, bloating and the chronic distended abdomen. The cure?- modifying the diet to limit sweet, starchy, fermented and yeasty foods, plus the addition of probiotics, or good microorganisms to fix the imbalance between harmful bacteria, yeast and candida and to create a more healthy gut function and immune system.

Probiotics must be human compatible organisms, with high potency.

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Another helpful protocol for a large belly is detoxification. VitaDetox helps cleanse all the internal organs, including the digestive tract in a gentle, yet effective manner. It is an easy to swallow, vegetarian capsule. You need not change your diet when doing the VitaDetox, however, if you choose to, VitaTree will give you a list of foods to avoid or limit during the cleanse. This is totally your choice, but can have a quicker impact on weight loss if you do avoid these foods. For more info visit www.tryvitatree.com.

Whole Food Hair, Skin and Nails Formula from VitaTree

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VitaTree Hair, Skin and Nails Formula is the only whole food supplement for beautiful hair, skin and nails that does not contain any synthetic nutrients or fillers. It is designed to support and encourage the growth and retain the integrity of collagen fibres. This then translates into firmer and more luminous skin, strong and healthy hair and nails. With VitaTree Hair, Skin and Nails formula, you don’t need to worry about any of the negative side effects from synthetic vitamins or minerals. Our nutrients are all 100% naturally sourced and then encapsulated.

Take 1 capsule, 2 times a day for the best results. For more info visit www.tryvitatree.com.

Good Health is a Choice

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Good health doesn’t come to some by accident. Acquiring and maintaining good health requires a conscious effort throughout one’s lifetime. Good health is our right of passage, unfortunately, we often mess it up. We stress, eat the wrong things, neglect exercise and stretching, breathe polluted air, drink contaminated water, hold grudges, curse with roadrage, smoke, etc., and still expect to be healthy? The healthiest people I have seen in my practise, who have made it well into their 80’s, have done so with a daily effort to be healthy. It is often at the top of their priority list-GOOD HEALTH! My mom, who died of cancer at the age of 50, always said in her younger years, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” I truly believe that if we choose to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, we can do so. But it is a choice, and it does take work. We need to be kind to our bodies and listen. The symptoms that our body is out of balance need to be paid attention to, and our routines need to adjust in order to become healthy again.

The question of supplementation always comes up. Do we need to supplement or not? Is a healthy diet, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables enough? In my opinion, we do need to supplement with whole food vitamins. Our soils have become depleted and supplementation can help fill in the gaps in our diets.

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Naturopathy Has Become Not So Natural

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It’s funny, the first thing you think about when you hear the word naturopathy is natural, right? You think about natural healing using natural products with all-natural ingredients. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that what most naturopathic doctors prescribe to their patients is not natural at all! Most vitamins used by naturopaths are synthetic! They are chemical derivatives of vitamins and minerals, but not in the least bit natural. Synthetic vitamins have serious health consequences and do not, in my opinion, have any place in a naturopathic practice.

Vitamins should always be whole food vitamins, made from fruits, vegetables and herbs. Synthetically made vitamins, whether they are B Vitamins, multivitamins, Vitamin C, E, and so on, can be potientially toxic and even cancer causing. The American Cancer Society Website States:

“Only a few randomized clinical trials of B vitamin supplements have been done. Most of these studies reported that supplements did not reduce cancer risk. In one recent study, people given folate and vitamin B6 supplements were more likely to develop and die of cancer than people taking a placebo pill. It is still unclear whether taking in more B vitamins will help protect against cancer or increase cancer risk.”

The truth is that synthetic vitamins have not been tested and proven safe over longterm use. Sadly, most people who take vitamins, do take them for a long period of time. Unknowingly, they may be taking something that is doing more harm than good. Remember, the body recognizes and digests and absorbs the DNA in food.

I suggest a whole food vitamin and that is why I formulated VitaFruits and VitaVeggies. All the products at VitaTree Nutritionals are made from whole food sources! No synthetic vitamins and no fillers. For more info and to order visit www.tryvitatree.com

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Launch of VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula on TSC

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I’ m so excited to be launching our brand new Stress and Sleep Formula on The Shopping Channel in Canada on December 27th. This is a revolutionary stress, anxiety and sleep formula, all in one, that has 100% potent ingredients, from whole foods and herbs and of course, no fillers. It has been flying off the shelf in my naturopathic office, and I can ‘t wait to share it with all our viewers, new and old. The formula helps to balance the nervous system and melts tension away, without side effects or causing a drowsiness. VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula is completely natural and is taken only once or twice per day. For more info click here or visit www.tryvitatree.com. Hope you’ll be watching December 27th on The Shopping Channel!

3 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

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1. Eat in moderation. If you know you will be at a function later in the day, save your calories for that time and eat a little less before the occasion!

2. Choose healthy foods like the proteins and raw veggies! Watch the sweets. A few little tastes are great, but don’t overdo the sugar as it can aggravate a candida/yeast problem. Once candida is activated, you start to crave more of the wrong foods, especially the sweets and carbohydrates.

3. Continue with your VitaDetox, VitaMucil and VitaTree Daily Essentials throughout the holidays to keep you on track and to keep your energy up!

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Toxicity- A Cause of Disease

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Most diseases are caused by toxicity, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. When toxins are not effectively removed and excreted from the body, they linger and can disrupt the chemistry of the internal environment of the cells. For example, if you get a splinter in your hand and do not remove it promptly, the body will attempt to drive it out. The area around the splinter will become inflamed and the immune system will be activated because an invader has entered the system. White blood cells will act to clear up the debris caused by the splinter. In time, pus will form and the splinter will come out as an eruption, or will dissolve altogether. The skin will heal as if nothing ever happened. However, if the immune system is weak, the normal processes described above may not happen effectively. This may lead to a more serious infection, involving the lymph nodes and causing more disruption of the entire organism. If this is true for a tiny splinter, think how our bodies may not be up to the challenge when under prolonged stress. Stress depletes our immune systems and when faced with more serious toxins, our bodies are not always able to clear them out, leading to disease.

When you experience symptoms of any kind in your body, it is an indication that something has gone wrong. I call symptoms red flags that indicate a disruption in the normal functioning of the body, mind or spirit. Unfortunately, we often overlook or ignore symptoms for a long time before we have them checked out by a doctor. Many of us have a fear of developing a disease that keeps us in denial about our symptoms. Others are just so out of touch with their bodies that they literally need to be knocked over the head or in a car accident to force them to take a look at their health. The other extreme includes those who are hypochondriacal and regard every twinge or pain in their bodies as a disease of some sort. To what I am referring as a real symptom is something that occurs frequently and repeats in quality of discomfort or peculiarity. For instance, a twinge of pain felt once in the right temple, for 2 seconds, that is not due to a blow in the head or another cause would not be a symptom. But a recurring headache over the right temple that happens when someone is hungry and hasn’t eaten for 4 hours would be a symptom.

A naturopathic doctor regards symptoms differently than other medical professionals. A naturopath gives weight to all symptoms, no matter how remote or unrelated they may seem. Naturopaths who practise homeopathy, ask weird and wonderful questions of their patients, ranging from ‘what position do you sleep in?’ to ‘what are your fears or phobias?’ All symptoms in homeopathy form a picture. The goal of the homeopathic prescriber is to match the patient’s symptoms as closely as possible to that of the remedies.

“Dis-ease” means a lack of ease in the body. We should avoid labelling and judging people based on the disease with which they have been diagnosed. It is so easy even for patients to label themselves that they are “a cancer patient” or “an arthritis sufferer.”

However, allopathic medical classifications of disease are necessary to group similar toxicity patterns in individuals in order to treat them with the correct drugs or protocols. Naturopathic medicine differs somewhat from this in that naturopathic doctors treat patients as individuals with a variety of symptoms of toxicity, rather than just people with diseases. I can have ten patients who have all been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, yet their symptoms, manifestation of the toxicity and my treatment protocol will differ for each woman.

In practice, I have noted patterns of personality traits that match other patients with the same disease process. There are always some exceptions but for the most part the mental picture of some types of diseases are strikingly similar. For example, I notice a pattern in all cancer patients that somewhere in their psyche, they believe that they should take care of others before they take care of themselves. Cancer patients often have many fears and actually fear cancer long before they develop it.

Only thirty percent of disease manifestation is genetic. This means that there must be seventy percent of other factors that lend to either developing a disease or not. Most of this seventy percent relates to diet, lifestyle, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Many diseases are passed down the family tree because the family mind-set or emotional baggage is also passed down as well as dietary and lifestyle habits. The best thing you can do for yourself and your health is to be the black sheep in the family. This means eating differently and living a more healthful lifestyle with less exposure to toxins. Most importantly, it is essential to your health to let go of the emotional patterns that repeat in your family. If you think like your parents do, it is quite likely you will develop the same problems they did. I also believe that you are more likely to manifest a disease if you know it well enough and have learned all about its symptoms from seeing its effects on a loved one. It’s as if the disease or ailment leaves an imprint in your being or energy field that can be manifested at any time.

Detoxification is a natural approach to both treating and preventing disease. Whole food supplements like VitaDetox from VitaTree Nutritionals is a comprehensive detox formula that helps to cleanse all of the internal organs. For more info on detoxification of body mind and spirit read my book, The Healthy Millionaire.

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Natural Cures for Adult Acne

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Adult acne is a big problem, especially for women in their 30’s and 40’s. This is a condition of hormonal imbalance and toxicity in the internal organs. I have seen women in my practise that didn’t even have acne as a teenager, then they surprisingly develop it in their adult life.

I can usually pinpoint the source of the problematic acne, either being a hormonal imbalance, and/or a build up of toxins in the liver, bowel and kidneys. If the acne breaks out on the chin, this is directly mapped to the large intestine and hormones.

The best way to eliminate this problem is through dietary changes, detoxification and hormonal balance. For the diet, I usually recommend eliminating dairy and sugar products. They tend to allow the bad bacteria to flourish. For detoxification, I use VitaDetox, which cleanses all the internal organs in one easy to take capsule, that is vegetarian. It is a gentle, yet very effective cleanser that even detoxifies the skin! For hormonal balancing, I use VitaWomen’s formula. This works specifically in every woman’s body differently, to find the hormonal balance of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol.

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