Is it Safe to Detox?

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A number of people have asked me over the years if it is safe to detox. It really does depend on the type of detox protocol that is used and for how long. I always recommend a detoxification protocol that addresses all the internal organs such as the liver, lungs, digestive tract, kidneys and skin. A detox protocol should be gentle, yet effective at cleansing these organs. I do not recommend detoxes specific to only one organ system as you can do more harm than good in this case.

For example, if you choose to do a liver cleanse and your bowels are not eliminating properly, you can run into difficulties because the toxins are being flushed out of the liver and into an organ system that is not efficient. This can be a dangerous situation and is not recommended.

I developed the VitaDetox for VitaTree Nutritionals to eliminate toxins from all the internal at once, to avoid the problem of shifting toxins to an organ that may not be ready to eliminate them. VitaDetox is a formulation that minimizes any of the negative side effects of doing the detox in the first place due to this reason, that it is working on all the organs at once. It is also revolutionary in that it contains whole food anti-oxidants, VitaFruits and VitaVeggies to help quench free radicals during the detox process. This is why VitaDetox works so well and so quickly, without any side effects like diarrhea, gas or cramping.

You need to detox if you have any of the following concerns:

-gas, bloating
-eczema, psoriasis, acne
-PMS, menopausal symptoms
-constipation, diarrhea
-frequent colds/flues
-polycystic ovaries, endometriosis
-difficulty conceiving
-hair loss
-and much more!

For more information on safe detoxification visit and see VitaDetox.

Mercury in Fish is Toxic!

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We have all been told to eat less red meat and more fish because fish is much healthier for us. Unfortunately, fish is quite toxic and is often high in mercury, a heavy metal. Heavy metals such as mercury damage our cells and especially our digestive tract, liver, kidneys and brain. So how do we get the benefits of fish oils, the omega 3 fatty acids, without having to worry about the mercury and other toxins in fish? The answer is by taking a high quality, pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement that is third party tested to be free from contaminants such as mercury, dioxins and PCB’s. You must also make sure that your fish oil supplement is not diluted with less expensive oils such as soybean oil. This only dilutes the efficacy of the fish oil. Your fish oil must also be higher in DHA as compared to EPA. DHA is the essential nutrient for your brain and nervous system that helps with memory and cognitive function. For more information on Fish oils, see VitaFish Oil, (*the only pharmaceutical grade fish oil without fillers and higher in DHA ) and how to detoxify the body, mind and spirit, read The Healthy Millionaire.

Natural Treatments for Chronic Acne

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Acne is a condition of toxicity and often hormonal imbalance. Toxicity, usually starting in the GI Tract and liver is not handled well by the body. So the body then pushes these toxins to the next route of excretion, being the skin. What we do not process internally, then has to spill to the outer route of excretion. Acne that only shows up periodically is often hormonally related. This has much to do with the liver, as the liver is the organ that processes our hormones. The solution then lies in detoxification protocols and making sure the GI tract is cultivated with enough good bacteria. Various detox remedies exist on the market, the best type is one that addresses all the internal organs, the blood and lymph. If you do not address the blood, it is difficult to clear the toxins that flow to the skin. See VitaDetox as a comprehensive detoxification supplement that is safe and effective yet gentle. Good bacteria are important to colonize the digestive tract. In the case of acne, often there is an imbalance, with too many bad bacteria in the gut, and not enough good. A high quality human microflora Probiotic is essential to clear up the acne and re-set the immune system. For more detailed information on detoxification of body, mind and spirit read my book The Healthy Millionaire.