Read Your Vitamin Labels Carefully

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Avoid Fillers in Vitamins

Avoid Fillers in Vitamins

Did you know that your vitamins and supplements can contain up to 90% filler per capsule or tablet? Most vitamins on the market today contain fillers, flow agents and other ingredients to help them appear more than what they really are. I always encourage you to read your vitamin labels carefully and read the “Non-Medicinal Ingredients”. This will tell you the list of fillers and other excipients that you are swallowing everyday in your vitamins and supplements, that may have negative health consequences.

The following list of fillers may be in your vitamin and should be avoided:

Microcrystalline Cellulose

Flow agents: Magnesium Stearate

Anti-Caking agent: Titanium Dioxide

At VitaTree Nutritionals, we do not use fillers or flow agents in our products. We do not want to dilute the efficacy of our potent raw materials, nor do we wish to have our customers perceive that there is more than what they think they are getting. At VitaTree, what you see is what you get. Read our labels carefully and you will know that we use only nature’s best nutrients. You will also feel the difference when you take VitaTree supplements because your body recognizes and absorbs our nutrients to the fullest, giving you the strength, energy and vitality you deserve. For more info visit