Natural Supplement for Stress and Sleep

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I developed the VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula to address one of the leading causes of disease, stress! What I have realized over the years and working with my patients as a naturopathic doctor is that most, if not all diseases have stress as a very large component. Stress causes a depression in the function of the immune system, offsets all our hormones and wreaks havoc on our blood flow and cardiovascular system.

I always say we cannot eliminate stress, but we can control the way our body reacts to it. With the Stress and Sleep Formula from VitaTree Nutritionals, I have developed a way to decrease the sensitivity of the nervous system and also induce sleep, in a natural way that works with your body’s natural hormonal system. The formula is non-sedating and more importantly, non-habit forming.
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Statin Drugs for Cholesterol- The Risks

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The most commonly used drugs for lowering cholesterol levels are called statins. They work by shutting down the production of cholesterol in the liver. Cholesterol is an essential molecule in our system. If we didn’t need it, I don’t think it would exist in our body. Cholesterol is the building block for our sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Cholesterol is essential for the metabolism of Vitamin D, it is necessary for maintaining the structure of all our cells, and helps in the digestive function of foods. Without cholesterol, a whole cascade of negative consequences can result. This is why the statin drugs are not well tolerated by thousands of people.

The side effects of statin drugs include: muscle aches and weakness, fatigue, loss of cognitive function, diarrhea, digestive disturbances, allergic skin reactions, kidney and liver problems.

Many people with high cholesterol are looking for a natural solution, without side effects. In essence, the goal is to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, minimizing the bad LDL cholesterol as much as possible. Along with diet and exercise, VitaTree Cholesterol Formula provides a natural formula with scientifically proven ingredients that can easily and effectively decrease cholesterol levels safely, without side effects. For more information, visit

Autism and Gut Health- Is There a Link?

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Yesterday I watched The Nature of Things show on CBC and was fascinated by the content in the show and how mainstream scientists and doctors are learning about the link between gut health and the onset of autism. I was moved by a mother’s story about her son’s developmental regression after too many rounds of anti-biotics and how he became autistic because of it.

These are known facts in naturopathic medicine. The question is how do we help these families and the children who suffer with autistic symptoms. I have had success with using omega 3 fatty acids and human microflora probiotics. The VitaFish Oil, high in DHA is an important fatty acid that seems to be deficient in children with autism, ADD and ADHD. We see marked improvements in behaviors and learning with the addition of this important nutrient. Also, human strain probiotics like VitaTree Probiotics provide the essential good friendly flora for the child’s GI tract and immune system. When you supply enough good probiotics to the gut, it helps stave off the bad bacteria that can cause a release of neurotoxins, worsening the symptoms of autism, as seen in the program on CBC.

Another factor is heavy metal toxicity in the brains of children with autism, also linked to vaccines.

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Naturopathy Has Become Not So Natural

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It’s funny, the first thing you think about when you hear the word naturopathy is natural, right? You think about natural healing using natural products with all-natural ingredients. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that what most naturopathic doctors prescribe to their patients is not natural at all! Most vitamins used by naturopaths are synthetic! They are chemical derivatives of vitamins and minerals, but not in the least bit natural. Synthetic vitamins have serious health consequences and do not, in my opinion, have any place in a naturopathic practice.

Vitamins should always be whole food vitamins, made from fruits, vegetables and herbs. Synthetically made vitamins, whether they are B Vitamins, multivitamins, Vitamin C, E, and so on, can be potientially toxic and even cancer causing. The American Cancer Society Website States:

“Only a few randomized clinical trials of B vitamin supplements have been done. Most of these studies reported that supplements did not reduce cancer risk. In one recent study, people given folate and vitamin B6 supplements were more likely to develop and die of cancer than people taking a placebo pill. It is still unclear whether taking in more B vitamins will help protect against cancer or increase cancer risk.”

The truth is that synthetic vitamins have not been tested and proven safe over longterm use. Sadly, most people who take vitamins, do take them for a long period of time. Unknowingly, they may be taking something that is doing more harm than good. Remember, the body recognizes and digests and absorbs the DNA in food.

I suggest a whole food vitamin and that is why I formulated VitaFruits and VitaVeggies. All the products at VitaTree Nutritionals are made from whole food sources! No synthetic vitamins and no fillers. For more info and to order visit

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Launch of VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula on TSC

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I’ m so excited to be launching our brand new Stress and Sleep Formula on The Shopping Channel in Canada on December 27th. This is a revolutionary stress, anxiety and sleep formula, all in one, that has 100% potent ingredients, from whole foods and herbs and of course, no fillers. It has been flying off the shelf in my naturopathic office, and I can ‘t wait to share it with all our viewers, new and old. The formula helps to balance the nervous system and melts tension away, without side effects or causing a drowsiness. VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula is completely natural and is taken only once or twice per day. For more info click here or visit Hope you’ll be watching December 27th on The Shopping Channel!

Is There a Safe Calcium Supplement?

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The answer is yes. Whole Food Calcium from coral calcium is the best absorbed calcium available. It is important when choosing a calcium supplement that it is in an absorbable format. Any calcium supplement that is in a tablet form is bound with a lot of fillers, to which many are sensitive to. Other encapsulted calcium supplements may also contain many fillers, but also the flow agent magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate is used in vitamin manufacturing because it makes the ingredients that need to be encapsulated less sticky. This speeds up the production process, thus driving down the cost of the supplement.

At VitaTree, we believe that using fillers and magnesium stearate as a flow agent is harmful to your health and that’s why we have chosen not to use them in our supplements. VitaTree Whole Food Calcium mixes instantly in water or juice, and has no taste.

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Study Shows Lack of Fruits and Vegetables #1 Cancer Risk!

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A new study in the UK has determined that for men, a lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet is the highest risk factor for developing cancer, and for women, obesity. Cancer Research UK has determined that 43% of cancers are caused by poor lifestyle choices, like poor diet, smoking and being overweight.

You have the ability to ward off cancer by making healthy choices in your diet. Avoid processed foods and eat a variety of whole foods, with plenty of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. To supplement with extra anti-oxidants, VitaFruits and VitaVeggies is an all natural, whole food way to add extra servings of fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. For more info visit

3 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

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1. Eat in moderation. If you know you will be at a function later in the day, save your calories for that time and eat a little less before the occasion!

2. Choose healthy foods like the proteins and raw veggies! Watch the sweets. A few little tastes are great, but don’t overdo the sugar as it can aggravate a candida/yeast problem. Once candida is activated, you start to crave more of the wrong foods, especially the sweets and carbohydrates.

3. Continue with your VitaDetox, VitaMucil and VitaTree Daily Essentials throughout the holidays to keep you on track and to keep your energy up!

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Longterm Easy Weight Loss-Detoxification

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The battle to lose weight is for some men and women, a lifelong challenge. I have counseled many of my patients on how to lose weight effectively, with longterm results and not just a quick fix. Weight loss is a lifelong commitment to taking care of your mind, body and spirit in a healthy way, that then translates into a lean, firm physical body. It is not easy by any means, and requires self-control, discipline and a desire to get and then remain healthy.

With all of those factors in place, I have still seen a number of patients who continued to have difficulties losing weight. I found over the years, that there was a missing link for so many of my patients who diligently worked out and watched their diets. It was TOXICITY. I learned way back in naturopathic college that the body holds onto extra water and fat to dilute the toxins that have accumulated from the exposure either in environment, water and foods. We are all exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis, some of which we are aware, and many are hidden.

The best way to detoxify is to make sure all the organs are addressed during the detox process. When a detox is not done effectively, and all the organs are not addressed, this can lend itself to the toxins being diverted to another place or organ, that does not have the capability of excreting. This can be even more dangerous than not doing the detox in the first place. I formulated VitaDetox with all this in mind. VitaDetox helps detoxify all the organs of detoxification, plus the blood and lymphatic system. It’s so easy, and all in one capsule. For more info visit

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Toxicity- A Cause of Disease

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Most diseases are caused by toxicity, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. When toxins are not effectively removed and excreted from the body, they linger and can disrupt the chemistry of the internal environment of the cells. For example, if you get a splinter in your hand and do not remove it promptly, the body will attempt to drive it out. The area around the splinter will become inflamed and the immune system will be activated because an invader has entered the system. White blood cells will act to clear up the debris caused by the splinter. In time, pus will form and the splinter will come out as an eruption, or will dissolve altogether. The skin will heal as if nothing ever happened. However, if the immune system is weak, the normal processes described above may not happen effectively. This may lead to a more serious infection, involving the lymph nodes and causing more disruption of the entire organism. If this is true for a tiny splinter, think how our bodies may not be up to the challenge when under prolonged stress. Stress depletes our immune systems and when faced with more serious toxins, our bodies are not always able to clear them out, leading to disease.

When you experience symptoms of any kind in your body, it is an indication that something has gone wrong. I call symptoms red flags that indicate a disruption in the normal functioning of the body, mind or spirit. Unfortunately, we often overlook or ignore symptoms for a long time before we have them checked out by a doctor. Many of us have a fear of developing a disease that keeps us in denial about our symptoms. Others are just so out of touch with their bodies that they literally need to be knocked over the head or in a car accident to force them to take a look at their health. The other extreme includes those who are hypochondriacal and regard every twinge or pain in their bodies as a disease of some sort. To what I am referring as a real symptom is something that occurs frequently and repeats in quality of discomfort or peculiarity. For instance, a twinge of pain felt once in the right temple, for 2 seconds, that is not due to a blow in the head or another cause would not be a symptom. But a recurring headache over the right temple that happens when someone is hungry and hasn’t eaten for 4 hours would be a symptom.

A naturopathic doctor regards symptoms differently than other medical professionals. A naturopath gives weight to all symptoms, no matter how remote or unrelated they may seem. Naturopaths who practise homeopathy, ask weird and wonderful questions of their patients, ranging from ‘what position do you sleep in?’ to ‘what are your fears or phobias?’ All symptoms in homeopathy form a picture. The goal of the homeopathic prescriber is to match the patient’s symptoms as closely as possible to that of the remedies.

“Dis-ease” means a lack of ease in the body. We should avoid labelling and judging people based on the disease with which they have been diagnosed. It is so easy even for patients to label themselves that they are “a cancer patient” or “an arthritis sufferer.”

However, allopathic medical classifications of disease are necessary to group similar toxicity patterns in individuals in order to treat them with the correct drugs or protocols. Naturopathic medicine differs somewhat from this in that naturopathic doctors treat patients as individuals with a variety of symptoms of toxicity, rather than just people with diseases. I can have ten patients who have all been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, yet their symptoms, manifestation of the toxicity and my treatment protocol will differ for each woman.

In practice, I have noted patterns of personality traits that match other patients with the same disease process. There are always some exceptions but for the most part the mental picture of some types of diseases are strikingly similar. For example, I notice a pattern in all cancer patients that somewhere in their psyche, they believe that they should take care of others before they take care of themselves. Cancer patients often have many fears and actually fear cancer long before they develop it.

Only thirty percent of disease manifestation is genetic. This means that there must be seventy percent of other factors that lend to either developing a disease or not. Most of this seventy percent relates to diet, lifestyle, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Many diseases are passed down the family tree because the family mind-set or emotional baggage is also passed down as well as dietary and lifestyle habits. The best thing you can do for yourself and your health is to be the black sheep in the family. This means eating differently and living a more healthful lifestyle with less exposure to toxins. Most importantly, it is essential to your health to let go of the emotional patterns that repeat in your family. If you think like your parents do, it is quite likely you will develop the same problems they did. I also believe that you are more likely to manifest a disease if you know it well enough and have learned all about its symptoms from seeing its effects on a loved one. It’s as if the disease or ailment leaves an imprint in your being or energy field that can be manifested at any time.

Detoxification is a natural approach to both treating and preventing disease. Whole food supplements like VitaDetox from VitaTree Nutritionals is a comprehensive detox formula that helps to cleanse all of the internal organs. For more info on detoxification of body mind and spirit read my book, The Healthy Millionaire.

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