Natural PMS Solutions from VitaTree Nutritionals

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PMS, or premenstrual syndrome symptoms can range from a mild irritability and irritation before your cycle, to an extreme full disturbance in the entire system. I have found in my practice over the years that PMS symptoms often arise from an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen levels, usually the estrogen being relatively higher than progesterone. This estrogen excess is the cause for many PMS symptoms, including breast tenderness, irritability, swelling and bloating, fatigue, nervousness and emotional instability.
The causes for this relative increase in the estrogen levels may include a lack of fiber in the diet which slows the excretion of estrogens via the bowels, thus estrogen recycles in the body, causing it to be dominant. Another cause may be exposure to xenoestrogens, toxic estrogen-like chemicals in the environment and food chain. Common xenoestrogens are found in non-organic poultry and dairy products, plastics, and bleach.
I created a natural supplement called VitaWomen’s Formula to address the symptoms of PMS quickly and efficiently. The VitaWomen’s Formula helps to balance the hormones, and works differently in every woman’s body, because we are not all created equal. The VitaWomen’s formula is unique in that it can work with your hormonal system and balance out the estrogen, progesterone and cortisol, the stress hormone. VitaWomen’s Formula helps to block the absorption of the xenoestrogens from the environment, therefore improving the symptoms of PMS.

Canadian Government Not Reporting Pharmaceutical Problems

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Health Canada is in the hot seat after an audit that disclosed the reporting of negative health consequences from drug reactions often goes unknown to the general public for as long as 2 years!

Sarah Schmidt from the Vancouver Sun writes “The time lag, outlined in an audit tabled Tuesday in the House of Commons, means consumers sometimes wait more than two years before Health Canada completes an assessment and provides updated safety information about the risks of some drugs.

The audit, carried out between January 2009 and December 2010, found that Health Canada does not disclose information on drug submissions that it has rejected, or information on the status of the drugs it has approved with conditions attached to that approval.”

Somehow, I’m not surprised. However, good rule of thumb- do everything in your power to stay healthy and avoid the need for any pharmaceutical drug, ever!

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IBS- A Probiotic Problem

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common complaint among men and women. It is often associated with a lack of enough good probiotics, or friendly live microorganisms in the intestines. We all have over 400 species of bacteria in the intestines, some are bad, most should be good. Unfortunately, people who suffer with IBS, often lack enough of the good guys to ward off the bad intestinal bacteria. It is essential to supplement with Probiotics daily to revert the balance in favour of the friendly flora, or probiotics. This not only helps digestion, but also helps the immune system to function optimally.

Probiotics come in a number of different strains and sources. Be certain the probiotics you are taking are labelled for Humans! Many are not! For more info visit

Natural Cures for Adult Acne

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Adult acne is a big problem, especially for women in their 30’s and 40’s. This is a condition of hormonal imbalance and toxicity in the internal organs. I have seen women in my practise that didn’t even have acne as a teenager, then they surprisingly develop it in their adult life.

I can usually pinpoint the source of the problematic acne, either being a hormonal imbalance, and/or a build up of toxins in the liver, bowel and kidneys. If the acne breaks out on the chin, this is directly mapped to the large intestine and hormones.

The best way to eliminate this problem is through dietary changes, detoxification and hormonal balance. For the diet, I usually recommend eliminating dairy and sugar products. They tend to allow the bad bacteria to flourish. For detoxification, I use VitaDetox, which cleanses all the internal organs in one easy to take capsule, that is vegetarian. It is a gentle, yet very effective cleanser that even detoxifies the skin! For hormonal balancing, I use VitaWomen’s formula. This works specifically in every woman’s body differently, to find the hormonal balance of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol.

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VitaTree Probiotics for Constipation

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VitaTree Probiotics are the most natural, efficient and non irritating way to treat constipation. We have close to 400 or more species of bacteria in our digestive tracts. Some of these organisms are healthy for us, the friendly flora, or probiotics. Others are not. The bad bacteria, viruses and yeast or candida can be a real threat to our digestive function and more importantly, the immune system. It is important to always have sufficient good friendly flora, or probiotics, that are made for the human digestive tract. VitaTree Probiotics is very different because it is made for human digestion, with human microflora. Most other bacteria are made from cow bacteria.

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American Teens Will Die Younger of Cardiovascular Disease

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A new study has found that American teens are at a higher risk of premature death due to cardiovascular disease, as compared to adults. The alarming statistics show that American teens aged 12-19 were overweight, had high blood sugar levels, were not eating enough fruits and vegetables and did not exercise.

I’m not surprised. When I think of my childhood, we were very active, and junk food was not as prevalent in the daily diet. Now it seems kids are addicted to all the wrong foods, and often the junk foods can be less expensive than the healthy, raw fruits and vegetables.

Parents need to be diligent in enforcing proper eating habits and exercise daily! Proper supplementation to the diet of the essential nutrients like DHA from cold water fish for brain function, and anti-oxidants from high ORAC value fruits and vegetables is a must. Probiotics are also essential for a healthy immune system and digestive tract. For more info on whole food vitamins, see the DAILY ESSENTIALS from VitaTree Nutritionals at

Higher Prostate Cancer Where Birth Control Pill Used More

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Doctors at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Ontario have remarked that populations in which women are using more oral contraceptives (synthetic estrogens), there is a higher incidence of prostate cancer in the men in these areas. This may be due to the fact that these hormones get into the environment, especially the water and act as hormone disruptors in men, and women I should add. Estrogens are not filtered in the water treatment process, so who knows how much we are all exposed to?

There is a link between these environmental estrogens and female reproductive disorders like PMS, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis, as well as breast and ovarian cancer.

The key to protecting yourself against these environmental hormone disruptors is to detoxify regularly. Men and women can also take herbal preparations as a protective measure to balance the hormones. For men, VitaMen’s Formula helps keep male hormones in check. Some herbs have the ability to block the absorption of these bad estrogens, called xenoestrogens. They are found in VitaWomen’s Formula from VitaTree Nutritionals. For more info visit

Chemical Solvent Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

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The chemical solvent TCE has been linked to a higher incidence of Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative condition of the nervous system. TCE was a common solvent used in dry-cleaning solutions, adhesives, paints and carpet cleaners. Dr. Caroline Tanner, of the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale, Calif., and other researchers interviewed 99 sets of twins and in each case one twin had Parkinson’s and the other didn’t. The researchers found there was more than a 6 fold increase in the incidence of Parkinson’s in those twins that were exposed to TCE.

I’m not at all surprised quite frankly. TCE is a known carcinogen and who knows how much of it is lurking in the environment. We all need to be proactive about educating ourselves about such toxins (see The Healthy Millionaire for chemical toxins and how to avoid them) and also keep our organs a step ahead of this toxicity by doing detoxification programs that cleanse all the internal organs, on a regular basis. For more info on total body detoxification with one easy to take formula, see VitaDetox from VitaTree Nutritionals at

Diabetes- Natural Treatments

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Diabetes is a growing concern. Researchers predict that by the year 2030, 522 million people will have diabetes! Diabetes is a preventable disease. Through proper diet and exercise, and avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, it is possible to live a healthy life, without diabetes ever being a part of it.

In order to manage blood glucose levels, it is important to eat a well rounded diet with adequate protein, carbohydrates and fats. It is imperative to eat healthy carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables that are preferably raw. Watch the fruits though, too many fruits can raise the blood sugar and cause insulin levels to rise too quickly.

A healthy supplement of anti-oxidants from whole food vitamins is key for preventing and treating diabetes. VitaFruits and VitaVeggies from VitaTree are whole food anti-oxidants that help give the nutrients you need, without any sugar! For more info visit

Formaldehyde in Baby Shampoo?

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One of the leading baby shampoos, manufactured by Johnson and Johnson contains the formaldehyde-releasing preservative quaternium-15. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and should be avoided, especially by young children and babies. This is yet another example of unknown exposures we have to toxic elements in our environment that can have negative consequences on our health.

In order to stay healthy and avoid diseases such as cancer, it is my opinion that we frequently detoxify our bodies, especially our internal organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive tract and skin. It is important to detoxify at least 4 times per year, at the change of the seasons.

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