C. Difficile- Natural Cures

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I have had great success treating C. Difficile infections in my patients with Human Microflora probiotics. These are special strains of good gut bacteria that are made for the human digestive tract. They are the friendly flora that help colonize the small and large intestine with an army of protective organisms that help to prevent the bad ones, C. Difficile being one of the worst, from attaching and colonizing. I’ve seen my patients recover from this potentially life-threatening infection in less than 2 weeks on a high dose of the Human Microflora Probiotics from VitaTree. Beware of other probiotics that may not be the right strain. Often probiotics supplements and those found in yogurt are from cow bacteria, not designed for the human digestive tract.

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Natural Cellulite Treatment-VitaDetox

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We have had numerous reports that the VitaDetox has been a
wonderful product for minimizing cellulite in women. If taken for a
minimum of 8 weeks, women have noticed a marked reduction in the appearance
of cellulite on the abdomen, back of the thighs and upper arms! At
VitaTree, we also recommend pairing up the VitaDetox with the VitaMucil,
VitaFruits and VitaVeggies for the best results!

Take 2 VitaFruits and 2 VitaDetox in the morning on an empty stomach. Take 2 VitaMucil with a full glass of water, 2 hours after breakfast.

Mid afternoon, take 2 VitaDetox and 2 VitaVeggies. At bedtime take 2 VitaMucil with a full glass of water.

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