Coral Calcium and Vitamin D3- Nature’s Cure for Disease

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So what is all the fuss about Coral Calcium and Vitamin D? The truth is nature has provided these nutrients so our bodies can function optimally. Coral calcium is a storehouse of essential nutrients, containing not only calcium, but close to 70 other essential minerals. These important minerals help keep the blood alkaline, which is the most favourable environment to ward off cancer cells, bacteria and viruses. Coral calcium plus vitamin D3 is a powerful combination to not only feel well and energetic, but to fight serious debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Using VitaTree Products with Medications

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One of the most common questions I get from customers is whether or not they can use our vitamins if they are taking prescription medications. The answer is yes, unless your doctor has told you not to eat fruits and vegetables, our VitaFruits and VitaVeggies are safe. Most of our other products can also be taken with other meds, like our VitaDetox, VitaFish Oil, VitaJoints, etc. If you are unsure, call our toll free number at 1 877 850 2003 and we will answer your specific questions.

Vitamin D3 for Canadians

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97 percent of Canadians are deficient in Vitamin D3 at least part of the year according to a study conducted at the University of Calgary. We live in a climate where the sun’s rays do not penetrate the earth in the important UVB range, needed for our skin to produce vitamin D. We all need to supplement Vitamin D3 as far as I am concerned, especially in the winter months. Be sure your Vitamin D supplement is in a fat soluble form, without toxic fillers, and is at least 1000 IU per capsule. For the best Vitamin D3, visit

Be Sure to Take the Right Vitamin D

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When choosing a Vitamin D supplement, be sure it is the best source, from sheeps lanolin. This source of Vitamin D is natural and in the form of D3, the best utilized by the body. Vitamin D should also be suspended in oil for best absorption as it is a fat-soluble vitamin. Watch out for Vitamin D tablets that are full of synthetic fillers. For the best Vitamin D3 visit