Natural Supplement for Stress and Sleep

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I developed the VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula to address one of the leading causes of disease, stress! What I have realized over the years and working with my patients as a naturopathic doctor is that most, if not all diseases have stress as a very large component. Stress causes a depression in the function of the immune system, offsets all our hormones and wreaks havoc on our blood flow and cardiovascular system.

I always say we cannot eliminate stress, but we can control the way our body reacts to it. With the Stress and Sleep Formula from VitaTree Nutritionals, I have developed a way to decrease the sensitivity of the nervous system and also induce sleep, in a natural way that works with your body’s natural hormonal system. The formula is non-sedating and more importantly, non-habit forming.
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Dr. Bowring explains VitaTree Stress and Sleep Formula on Youtube